If you’re planning your destination engagement or you adore modern photos as a destination wedding photographer, I’m ready to travel anywhere on your bucket list, whether it’s Iceland, Paris, or anywhere else. If you’re aiming to infuse your destination engagement session with a modern and contemporary vibe—whether you’re curating imagery for your wedding website or simply getting comfortable in front of the camera—we highly recommend it. Achieving this modern aesthetic begins with your choice of clothing. Opting for a monochromatic style exudes sophistication and sleekness, perfectly complementing your partner’s color palette for a cohesive look.

When it comes to location, prioritize simplicity and clean lines. Seek out settings with plain backgrounds and contemporary architecture boasting sleek, clean lines. These elements serve as the ideal backdrop for capturing modern engagement photos that truly stand out, radiating elegance and style. Ready to embark on this journey? Contact me to discuss how we can turn your destination engagement dreams into reality.

Explore our collection of past destination engagement sessions, peruse our portfolio, and find inspiration for crafting modern photos or romantic that truly make a statement.

Planning an engagement or couple session with a modern vibe?

If you’re impressed by what you’ve seen, feel free to contact me via my CONTACT form. You can also email me directly at samin@saminphotography.com. With limited availability, I’m currently booking weddings in Italy and worldwide for both this year and next. Excited to connect with you and capture your vision, bringing your big day to life through stunning imagery

Shot on Contax 645, Fuji 400H , processed by Photovision

February 22, 2022

Destination Engagement: Crafting Modern Photos