Venice, or Venezia in Italian, is one of the most picturesque cities in Europe. With its winding canals, historic architecture, and charming gondolas, it offers a stunning backdrop for any photoshoot. One of the best times to capture the beauty of Venice is at sunrise when the city is bathed in a soft, golden light, and the streets are quiet. Here’s why you should consider hiring me, a professional photographer based in Northern Italy, for your sunrise portrait photo session in Venice.

A young woman in front of Saint Mark's Basilica
A woman sitting on stairs in front a long door in Venice

Magical Light: The first light of day casts a warm glow over Venice, highlighting the beauty of its historic buildings and tranquil canals. The soft, diffused light at sunrise is perfect for portrait photography, creating a natural and flattering look.

Peaceful Atmosphere: Venice is bustling with tourists during the day, but at sunrise, the city is almost deserted. This tranquility allows for uninterrupted shots and a more intimate experience.

Unique Backdrops: Venice offers a variety of stunning backdrops, from iconic landmarks like St. Mark’s Basilica and the Rialto Bridge to hidden alleys and quiet squares. Each location provides a unique setting that adds depth and character to your portraits.

A woman in a gondola in Venice
A woman standing in front of Saint Mark's Basilica

As a professional photographer based in Northern Italy, I bring a wealth of local knowledge and experience to every photoshoot. Here’s why choosing me for your portrait session in Venice is a great decision:

Expertise in Local Locations: I know Venice quite well. I can guide you to the best spots, including hidden gems that aren’t overrun with tourists. My familiarity with the city ensures we’ll make the most of the beautiful morning light.

Personalized Experience: Every client is unique, and I strive to tailor each session to your individual needs and preferences. I’ll collaborate with you to create a session that reflects your vision. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or capturing beautiful memories.

Film Photography Excellence : With years of experience and a passion for film photography, I guarantee high-quality results in every shot.. I use professional equipment and mix of digital and classic film photography to capture stunning portraits that you’ll treasure forever.

A young woman standing in front of Gondolas in Venice

A woman standing in front of Gondolas in Venice

A woman sitting on a bench in Plazza San Marco
A woman on The Bridge of Sighs

A woman walking on The Bridge of Sighs

On the day of your shoot, we’ll meet just before dawn. The city will be calm and quiet, with only the gentle lapping of water breaking the silence. As the sun begins to rise, casting its golden glow over the canals, we’ll start capturing the first shots.

I will lead you through the narrow streets, stopping at iconic landmarks and hidden gems. The light will be perfect: soft, warm, highlighting the city’s beauty and adding magic to your portraits. Pose on the Rialto Bridge, in front of St. Mark’s Basilica, and beside charming gondolas along the canals.

A young woman out of Dog's Palace in Plazza San Marco

A woman posing over a brige in Venice

Venice portrait session by Samin Abarqoi Photography | Shot on Contax645 | Fuji400h film | Processed by Photo Vision | Dress Design by Hannah Tikkanen

A sunrise portrait photo session in Venice, Italy, is an unforgettable experience. The combination of magical light, peaceful atmosphere, and stunning backdrops creates the perfect setting for beautiful and timeless portraits.

As a photographer in Northern Italy, I love capturing Venice’s beauty and my clients’ essence. If you’re visiting Venice, seize the chance for a professional photoshoot to capture its charm. With my expertise and local insight, I’ll help create portraits that cherish your time in this enchanting city.

Contact me today to book your sunrise portrait photo session in Venice. Let’s create something magical together!

June 14, 2024

A Romantic Sunrise Portrait Session in Venice, Italy