Jasmine & Carlos curated their engagement session to contrast the Caribbean landscapes of the Dominican Republic, opting for the warm tones and desert ambiance of Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi. Jasmine was drawn to the endless stairs and ornate fountains, with the glittering Abu Dhabi cityscape in the distance—a captivating backdrop for their photoshoot. The Arabian-style architecture of the hotel provided a picturesque setting, with its warm, luxurious ambiance and iconic domes symbolizing the beauty of sand dunes.

I particularly enjoy the diverse photography opportunities the venue offers, from capturing the grandeur of the pillars to the intimate moments by the palms and fountains. Jasmine & Carlos infused elements of the United Arab Emirates into their session, starting at the hotel before venturing to the desert for shots amidst sand dunes and camels. Jasmine’s choice of a turquoise scarf, purchased from a local peddler, added a touch of authenticity to the images.

Throughout the session, Jasmine & Carlos seamlessly transitioned between four different outfits, each complementing the unique backgrounds. As we traversed from location to location, we shared stories and laughter, creating a memorable and enjoyable experience. My personal favorites are the sunset shots against the desert landscapes and the enchanting night scenes in the Emirates Palace park, evoking a sense of cultural exploration and adventure in every frame.


March 29, 2017

Emirates Palace Engagement, Abu Dhabi, UAE