As wedding photographers, we all have our go-to spots, and for me, lakes have always held a special place in my heart, especially for engagements and elopements. Luckily, British Columbia is blessed with an abundance of beautiful lakes—nearly 2,000 of them! Alouette Lake is one of my personal favorites, conveniently located just an hour’s drive from Vancouver. Its serene beauty makes it a perfect choice for couples looking to capture their love amidst nature, even with busy schedules.

Situated in Maple Ridge within Golden Ears Provincial Park, Lillooet Lake is another stunning location. With its backdrop of lush green mountains and crystal-clear waters, it provides an idyllic setting for any engagement session. Here, I had the pleasure of photographing Ann and Dimitry during a breathtaking sunset session by the lake, and I’m eager for more opportunities to capture the magic of these picturesque locales.

Take a moment to browse through this dreamy engagement photoshoot and let the beauty of these lakes inspire your own romantic journey!




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October 24, 2020

Lakeside Engagement Session, Alouette Lake, BC