As a Dubai portrait photographer, I invite you to join me on a journey through the lens as we explore the captivating allure of Al Seef—a hidden gem along the Dubai Creek.

Al Seef, nestled near the historic Al Fahidi neighborhood, provides the perfect backdrop for editorial photography in Dubai. Its vibrant bazaar, winding alleys, and stunning vistas offer endless opportunities for creative expression. Whether you’re seeking an intimate portrait session or an editorial shoot infused with cultural richness, Al Seef elegantly sets the stage for unforgettable moments. With its vibrant ambiance and historic charm, every photo captured here tells a captivating story

As your portrait photographer in Dubai, I specialize in capturing the essence of this dynamic cityscape, blending modern aesthetics with timeless charm. Each session at Al Seef is a celebration of Dubai’s rich heritage and cosmopolitan spirit, reflected through the lens of editorial photography.

Join me for an Al Seef portrait session and experience the magic of Dubai through a new lens. Let’s craft visual stories that resonate with authenticity and elegance in this picturesque setting.

Ready to elevate your portrait experience in Dubai? Let’s embark on this photographic odyssey together.


Photographer: Samin Abarqoi  Hair&Make-up: Sonia Abad Dress: Hannah Tikennan  Film Lab: Photo Vision Model: Cara Lyn

Planning to book an engagement session or portrait session?

I’m absolutely thrilled about photographing engagement, maternity, and brand sessions at Al Seef! I’d eagerly seize the chance to capture more of these memorable moments in such a picturesque setting. Planning your wedding or know someone who is? Don’t hesitate to get in touch via my CONTACT form or simply drop me an email at

March 28, 2022

A Perfect Blend of Heritage and Modernity in Dubai